jueves, 21 de abril de 2016

EUNIS Rectors conference 2016

Last 14-16 of April I attend the EUNIS Rectors’ Conference 2016 in Krakow (Poland). This year's edition, entitled “Smart European University”, the main goal was to explain how IT may help European universities in the changing landscape. During the 3 day-conference, different aspects were addressed related to the future of the university and the digital revolution where it is involved.
Some of the topics that were discussed in the meeting were the Rankings and the university-business relation: the innovation triangle, the innovation networks, the impact of online learning and the cloud-based models. It was also remarked the important role of online learning, the cloud and social media as key factors for the change in the university.
During the course of the sessions I participated in a “Panel Discussion” entitled: ‘IT Consortia/organizations – to which extent they may support universities?’ where representatives of the main European universities consortium, SIGMA among them, talked about the operation, the activities (software and services that we offer), how the collaboration with universities it is done and the role that we provide them. The “Panel discussion” was followed with keen interest by the attendance that took advantage of the questioning time to deepen their knowledge of the topic.

Very interesting sessions were I have the opportunity to meet some interesting people at european level to know more about this university digital revolution that we all must face.

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