viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015

Science Business Annual Summit (ESADE FORUM)

Past November 20, I attend and participate the 2015 Science Business Annual Summit held in ESADE FORUM in Barcelona. The conference was about how through science and innovation, the economic growth and sustainability could be improved.

There were a lot of really interesting contributions, talking about innovation, research, bigData, IoT, Climate Change and the main issues related with the European growth.
I introduced and moderated the ‘15-minutes inspiring talks’, and I had the opportunity to talk about the value of the Open Research and the Open Innovation as a key issues in this globalized and digital world, where immediacy is so relevant. In this way, I spoke about how, nowadays, the researcher is more than ever in the spotlight.

As a summary, I  write a compilation of highlights from the summit:

- Big Data and forecasting are big challenges.
- Science is for society and science is with society.
- The importance of data-driven innovation.
- The importance of recruiting the best scientist and researchers.
- The importance of enhance collaboration.
- The diversity of people in a city, promotes innovation.
- In 20 years, most cars will be self-driven.
- The impact of internet of things is extremely underestimated.
- If you want to growth a business, innovation is necessary.
- Collaboration between university students and companies and between researchers and companies, a key issue.

In short, an interesting event, where you understand that the innovation is necessary but it's necessary to enhance it, and also the research, to make more and better research… all of this, helped me to strengthen my ideas!

Here you could see a video with the highlights from the conference:

And... finally, one of the sponsors of the event, was SIGMA AIE !

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