domingo, 26 de junio de 2016

euroCRIS 2016 conference in St. Andrews, Scotland

From 9th to 11th of June I attended and participated in the euroCRIS conference held in St. Andrews, Scotland, a beautiful town where the St. Andrews University is located.

The title of the conference was: CRIS2016: Communicating and measuring research responsibly: profiling, metrics, impact, interoperability.

You can access the program with the links and proceedings of the presentations, here.

There were a lot of interesting presentations. I found really interesting the keynote presentation of Barend Mons.

I also presented my paper talking about ‘Can machines understand what researcher look for? Conceptualizing the research world.’ (you can access the paper in the previous program link)

In summary, I heard very interesting projects all related to two main themes:

  • Can we have more and better research indicators and metrics, taking into account the new digital research scenario? Yes, and we need it.  
  • Can we order the amount of information that are in the Internet to help researchers in their work? Yes, and it is longer necessary,

     In this way, we can talk about projects like: snowball metrics, Dspace/CRIS openSource, InCites, SELRIM project, Thor project and so on. And also projects about semantic searches solutions, like the one that we are starting in SIGMAAIE, that I presented.

Photos of my presentation:

Other presentations photos:

In my opinion, euroCRIS is a good space to interchange initiatives and projects related to research but I think that, in general, the cooperation should be higher in this kind of forums, anyway it was interesting, and now a have a lot of ideas and new interesting and valuable contacts!.

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