sábado, 31 de julio de 2010

Phd as a key in the quality researchers' training

I've been watching that I have views of European and American countries so I decided to publish some posts in English.

As we know, the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) defines the studies as Degree, Master and Phd.
In the new Spanish phd decrees draft, which its final version is expected to be published over October or November 2010, it highlights that “the phd has a fundamental role as an intersection of the EHEA and European Research Area (ERA), which are fundamental bases of the knowledge society. Research must have a clear role as an integral part of the high education and the mobility should be assessed both at a Doctoral and postdoctoral as stage as the main piece in the young researchers training". All this through the definition of phd programs that let a wide flexibility and autonomy, but at the same time reaching high levels of quality, internationalization, innovation, recognition and mobility.
The European documents also highlight the need to promote the R&D in all the social sectors especially through the collaboration in phd programs between the researchers, companies and enterprises (letting the Doctors integration in the business network).
After reading this draft, I reaffirm what I said before, and that is to consider the work done in the Doctoral Thesis like real R&D works which are often given a more academic sense than a R&D result or task (for example, to get an academic degree).

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